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Luxury Travel renews its partnership with Eurocham

The European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, better known as EuroCham, is the principle voice of the European business community in Vietnam. It is a member based, independent, not for profit organization, of European companies who are investing in Vietnam, for the benefit of all.

The Chamber was established in 1998 to help develop Vietnam into an attractive investment destination and trading partner for European businesses. With more than 850 members, it is one of the biggest foreign Chambers of Commerce in Vietnam. Through their members, more than 150.000 people are directly employed and the EU is Vietnam’s 2nd biggest trade partner.

Luxury Travel is very proud of being part of the adventure of this successful organization whose aim is noble and innovative, just like the directions where we want to go within our business.

So we renewed our partnership with Eurocham for 2015 by allowing all its members to benefit from 10% discount on our tours except excursions, day trips, transfers and hotel booking.

We are happy to contributing to the development of Eurocham’s projects for another full year as we are a travel company motivated in any meaningful initiatives helping our destinations: their economy, their local populations, their business development etc. First we are lovers of our destinations and if our work and actions can support them to thrive, then we say: “Let’s go!”

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